Our Vision

We stand for stepping freely.

There are those who are satisfied with the world as it is. Then there are those who take charge because it isn’t enough.

Existing systems design for the masses and leave behind those of us who don’t conform.

We don’t stand for the norms that dismiss our personal needs.

We don’t stand for the institutions that dismiss our identities.

We don’t stand for the inertia that’s held us back from getting what we deserve.

What we do stand for: breaking free from painful molds. Embracing our most authentic selves. The combined power of individuality and community, science and art. The bright, bold force of will born from unrestrained passion. Because when these pieces fit together, we can redefine our true potential and fully share the extraordinary joys of being human and alive.

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Our story

Don't settle for average.

IAMBIC began with a struggle to find well-fitting shoes. After reading research suggesting that poorly fitted shoes not only trigger discomfort, but can contribute to long-lasting foot disorders and deformities, our founder Maeve Wang set out to find a solution.

Three years and over 300 shoe fittings and returns later, Maeve found that the industry itself needed a rethink.

Originally, she hypothesized that poor fit was a result of a data matching issue. While working with the world’s top scientists and engineers in developing IAMBIC’s fit prediction tool, the team faced a shocking discovery: poor fit begins as a design and manufacturing issue, the core process behind every pair of shoes made. The footwear industry’s existing supply chain is linear, fragmented and antiquated, working without fit data or feedback. It doesn’t just lead to major discrepancies between design specifications and dimensions of the final physical product, but it actually produces shoes that don’t fit natural foot anatomy and are environmentally unsustainable.

In a world of individuals who are born differently, built differently, and come in different shapes and sizes, we believe that a better path forward for all is within reach.

Just as people change over time, so too do their foot shapes and sizes. Therefore, helping people become their most extraordinary selves demands customization that evolves with the wearer.

That’s where we come in.

IAMBIC isn’t just a new kind of shoe, or just a shoe that fits perfectly. It’s a program where we make sneakers that are custom-fitted to the wearer upfront, and then become more and more personalized with every new pair as we account for the customer’s feedback, as well as how worn the shoes are after they’re returned.

Drawing from an “iamb”—a metrical foot and how rhythm is measured in poetry—IAMBIC believes shoe fit isn’t just a science, it’s an art, and one that needs to evolve based on people’s unique rhythms.
So let’s step freely.

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Our tribute

Remembering a Friend

Tyson was a founding team member who embodied IAMBIC’s independent spirit. His relentless pursuit of perfection and unwavering determination to create something that wasn’t just the best, but something that was the ultimate, was truly inspiring.

Tyson’s love for cars was particularly infectious. He saw how they could be integrated into every aspect of what we were building, even in a product that initially seemed unrelated.

We dedicate our “Model T” to Tyson to honor his tireless support in making the previously unattainable accessible to everyone.

Thank you, Tyson, for everything you gifted us in this world. We are grateful for the opportunity to pursue a vision that you believed in so deeply, and your memory will live on through our work.

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Our community

IAMBISPHERE is our incredible community of supporters and footwear enthusiasts who play a critical role in shaping IAMBIC’s innovations and technologies. By becoming an IAMBISPHERE member, you can engage in rolling research initiatives and studies to help us continually evolve.

Our Manufacturing

Designed in NYC, Made in Portugal

Created with the latest advancements in AI, 3D modeling, and computational biomechanics, our designs are the result of 3 years of rigorous scientific research. Each pair is then expertly constructed by skilled artisans in Portugal, where our team merges the rich traditional heritage of bespoke craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Our commitment

Reducing our footprint, literally.

Sustainability and ethics are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to embrace a made-to-order model that avoids the wasteful practice of overproduction. This not only reduces the environmental impact of shoe manufacturing, but also creates a more efficient and responsible business model. Walk with us on our sustainability journey.

Here for you

Kick it with us.

Questions? Comments? Just want to geek out over footwear? We’d love to hear from you.