The Model T
A new standard

Break the mold with the power of data, science, and technology. Our Model T distills the power of precision-fit in a simplified experience. The first release is on the way.

How it works

The Virtual Experience

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It's good to step out of line

We defy industry norms to make shoes that are finally inclusive. Bringing together the world’s top experts, we’ve designed a revolutionary platform that uses AI, smartphone scanning, personalized fit preferences, and streamlined manufacturing.

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Treat your feet to the model t

By either joining our esteemed waitlist or becoming an esteemed IAMBISPHERE member, you can secure exclusive early access. Reserve your Model T today and ensure you seize the earliest opportunity to embrace the future of footwear.

Model T
Due Today

fully refundable


Make a deposit to secure your early access once the Model T arrives.

Model T
Due Today

fully refundable


Dedicated to a Visionary

In memory of a friend

Tyson was a founding team member who embodied IAMBIC’s independent spirit. His love for cars was particularly infectious, and he saw the connection to what we were building, even in a product that initially seemed unrelated. We dedicate our Model T to Tyson to honor his tireless support in making IAMBIC a reality.

Executive Experience

Edition of one.
Fit uniquely to you.

If you’re excited to get in on the ground floor of IAMBIC, consider signing up for the Executive Experience—our white-glove, high-touch experience for our earliest adopters—and get access to our technology even sooner.

Our community

Be part of the co-creation process by joining IAMBISPHERE, our community of break-the-mold thinkers, innovators, and product testers. You’ll play an integral role in honing our designs and perfecting our technology. Being an IAMBISPHERE member grants exclusive priority access to those who are on the Model T waitlist.


The expected delivery for the first Model T drop is set for 2024. Should the first drop be prepared earlier, the IAMBIC team will keep you informed through communication.

Executive Experience clients will get priority access to the Model T. Members of our IAMBISPHERE innovation community will also get priority access to the Model T. You can learn more about it here.

Our Executive Experience includes a trial pair and an option for an in-person fit assessment, while the Model T offers a simplified experience with a fully remote fit assessment.