IAMBIC MODEL T Spotlighted in State of Place’s Annual Gift Guide

State of Place recently featured the MODEL T in their Annual Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Citylovers & Datageeks.

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that the groundbreaking IAMBIC MODEL T has been featured in State of Place’s Annual Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Citylovers & Datageeks. The guide, curated with a passion for urbanism and data, highlights unique and thoughtful gift ideas that resonate with the spirit of the season.

State of Place recognizes the IAMBIC MODEL T as more than just a shoe but an embodiment of a symbiotic relationship with urbanism. Tailored to the individual’s unique stride, these sizeless sneakers mirror the diverse paths of city dwellers, seamlessly blending fashion with function. Beyond AI-powered personalization, IAMBIC’s commitment to on-demand manufacturing for each pair underscores a sustainable ethos, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Discover the perfect gift for the urbanist in your life with the MODEL T.


IAMBIC is a next generation shoe brand delivering precision-fit shoes at scale through AI, virtual scanning, and streamlined manufacturing—making footwear finally inclusive.

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