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breaking the mold

At IAMBIC, we believe in the power of individuality. When we fail to embrace it, people suffer. 27% of people are excluded from the “standard” sizing of shoes, leaving over 1 in 4 people in pain. This is a broken system that designs for the masses and ignores those who need more than just “average” shoes.

AI Technology

start with the last

The custom-fit shoe last (the mold that defines a shoe’s fit, form, and function) is traditionally handmade by specially trained artisans. This process can cost upward of $10,000, making custom-fit out of reach for most people.

AI Technology

Innovating Inclusivity

We spent 3 years with government backing from the National Science Foundation to make shoes that are finally inclusive. By merging AI, smartphone scanning, and streamlined manufacturing, we’re making personalization accessible for the first time.

science-led design

Redefining Custom Fit

Our approach breaks free of industry norms to create a shoe design that factors in all aspects of your fit experience. We capture a 360° view of your personal fit requirements including shape, size, personal preferences, and walking patterns. You don’t settle for average—and neither do we.

science-led design

And it just keeps getting better

Our shoes build progress into each pair. As IAMBIC shoes are worn, the sole reveals a colored layer that reveals data on your alignment, balance, and gait. We use this to improve your next pair, delivering a shoe that evolves with you.

one small step

IAMBISPHERE is our community of footwear enthusiasts and supporters who help shape innovations through surveys, product testing, and more. Join us and take a stand to change the footwear industry and end the suffering caused by a sub-par fit.


Next Steps

We’re moving towards a better-feeling tomorrow by transforming how shoes are made. But we’re not doing it alone. All around the world, there are brilliant minds as well as an ecosystem of partnerships and collaborators that are building the future of footwear with us.

We can collaborate with researchers, doctors, and clinicians to push scientific progress in various ways. These include:

  • Gathering and analyzing data on individuals’ fit and footwear
  • Creating foot and footwear models
  • Examining how materials, designs, and construction affect health and mobility
  • Developing, refining, and using metrics to measure different aspects
  • Assessing the impact of orthotics, gait, foot health, and footwear on stress and injuries, as well as other conditions
  • Providing both short-term and long-term support for medical, human subject research, and other related projects.
  • Developing an innovation strategy that encompasses any of the above or more. 
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Interweaving science and art

Footwear can’t move forward without you. That’s how our revolutionary approach to fit allows for groundbreaking discoveries in podiatry, biomechanics and physical therapy. We support cutting-edge research on human anatomy, conditions, gait, and shoe history for the best-feeling shoes.

Footwear can’t move forward without you. That’s why our revolutionary approach to fit allows for groundbreaking discoveries in footwear’s relationship with the human body across podiatry, biomechanics and physical therapy. As the leader in footwear fit data analysis, we’re driving science and research to provide people with the best shoes by understanding human anatomy, conditions, gait, and shoe history.

If you are a researcher who is also committed to studying science-led footwear, please reach out to us through the contact form here. Together, we can build a better-feeling future. 

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