IAMBIC Featured in Shape

Shape's recent feature on custom running shoes explores how IAMBIC is revolutionizing the industry with precision-fit, sizeless footwear.

We’re honored to share that Shape recently featured IAMBIC in an article about custom running shoes. Shape’s piece reveals the evolving landscape of custom footwear and spotlights how IAMBIC’s AI-driven technology is reshaping the industry. It also explores the transformative impact of custom-fit shoes, emphasizing the importance of finding the perfect fit for optimal comfort and support. IAMBIC co-founder and CEO, Maeve Wang, shared insights into our mission to pair every individual with shoes that are perfectly tailored to their unique foot shape and preferences.

At IAMBIC, we’re not just redefining footwear; we’re revolutionizing the entire shoe game with our AI-tailored precision-fit sneakers. We invite you to join us on this mission towards a more personalized shoe experience.

Read more at Shape.


IAMBIC is a next generation shoe brand delivering precision-fit shoes at scale through AI, virtual scanning, and streamlined manufacturing—making footwear finally inclusive.

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