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At IAMBIC, our goal is to create shoes that sync with each person’s unique rhythm. That’s why we named our brand after the iamb (pronounced EYE-am), a metrical foot that measures the rhythm of a poem.

But our approach to footwear isn’t just artistic—it’s scientific too. We draw inspiration from both the latest research in shoe design and feedback from people excluded by traditional shoe sizing, to create shoes that fit like poetry in motion.

IAMBIC began with a struggle to find well-fitting shoes. After reading research suggesting that poorly fitted shoes not only trigger discomfort, but can contribute to long-lasting foot disorders and deformities, founder Maeve Wang set out to find a solution. Three years and over 300 shoe fittings and returns later, Maeve found that the industry itself needed a rethink. Learn what happened next here

IAMBIC’s approach to shoe design factors in all aspects of fit experience, including unique foot shape, personal preferences, and walking patterns. Through the Virtual Consultation, IAMBIC captures a 360° view of the wearer’s personal fit requirements through a proprietary platform integrating computer vision, material science, 3D modeling and AI. In addition to the foot scans, IAMBIC also asks the wearer to fill out their comfort preferences. 

IAMBIC’s AI aggregates this data to build a custom-fit last for the wearer that uses 30 adjustment mechanisms instead of the traditional two: length and width. IAMBIC’s proprietary foot scans can be collected through any camera-enabled mobile device, making it possible for people to receive custom-fit shoes without visiting a store or using specialized equipment. Learn more about our innovations here <link to Innovation page>.

When your shoes fit perfectly, you forget about them. We want everyone to experience that freedom, but this is far from reality: 27% of people are excluded from the “standard” sizing of shoes, leaving over 1 in 4 people in pain. This is a broken system that designs for the masses and ignores those who need more than just “average” shoes. It can even cause permanent foot injury and deformity. 

Custom-fitted shoes are about comfort, precision and innovation. We capture the unique contours of your feet to create shoes that fit perfectly and also  offer superior support and durability. It’s a pair of shoes that leaves you feeling your best. 

IAMBISPHERE is our innovation community of supporters and footwear enthusiasts who play a critical role in shaping IAMBIC’s innovations and technologies. Community members can engage in rolling research initiatives and studies. Upon registration, members indicate the types of activities in which they’d like to participate. Once an initiative takes place that meets their criteria, the IAMBISPHERE team will reach out with an invitation, at which point they can opt in/out.

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